BladeRunner 2049 Animation

Cyberstreet Corner

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11x14 Micron pen drawing on Bristol paper of reimagined diner on the street corner of a futuristic cyberpunk street at night. Heavy focus on trying to incorporate object source lighting.

Hidetaka Miyazaki Inspiration

Hidetaka Miyazaki


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18x24 micron pen drawing on white Bristol paper of large mech in abandoned docking bay in 2 point perspective.

Sword Lord

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16x20 drawing on black scratchboard of fantasy character with large headpiece and large sword; focus on fur, metal and hair texture.

Dual Angel

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18x24 colored pastel and color pencil drawing of a female character with angel wings, a halo and devil horns using a complimentary color scheme.


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18x24 on illustration board multimedia drawing of pen, charcoal and colored pencil of a multi scene cyberpunk noir fusion with futuristic elements in a noir styled poster.

Enter the Cybercity

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18x24 pen drawing on Bristol board in three-point perspective. Futuristic city being looked over by futuristic ronin type character. Heavy focus on varied textures and scale when forcing perspective.